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Writers who are looking for writing contents like blogs, articles, magazines, eBooks, etc. then this is the perfect place to invest your time. So don’t waste time and join us today because our clients are waiting for your quality contents. For each content you will be writing will be verified by WHYBAY and by our clients and then you will be paid up to $100.So, come and redeem the world of content writing because thousands of clients, professionals or employer looking for you and want to read and appreciate your work as a writer, so just grab the opportunities with your both hands and write to us to earn money.

So hurry up! Register on our website and start writing for us and our clients. Create your account and start writing at WHYBAY.

What we’re looking for

We want to publish content of those who believe in writing original contents. So we are searching for original writers, not a copycat. We should tell you, that we don’t publish duplicate contents published somewhere else or in another place, whether it's an article, blogs or website content, we believe in uniqueness.

What we publish

We publish various kinds of contents like:

  1. Short articles writing (500-600 words).
  2. Long articles writing (500-1500 words).
  3. Your own successful journey (500-600 words).
  4. Failure stories (500-600 words).
  5. Motivational and your love story (500-800 words).

How to submit (and what happens next)‚Äč

After writing your articles you have to email us your work either by attaching your work in the form of .txt, .doc or .docx format or by directly writing in the body of an email. We generally prefer Google documents for submission because it’s become very easy for our team to provide feedback and guidance directly within your document. You can also submit your work in plain text. Don’t send zip file format.

After you submit your work at info@whybay.com the following things happen in the background:

  1. Our team starts reviewing and checking your documents, whether it is fitting or not.
  2. Then the feedback is passed to the advisor and he/she then informs you whether accepted or rejected.
  3. If the work of you is accepted then before publishing it is revised again by our team.
  4. Once it is completed, it is published and if rejected then you are informed what are the changes you have to do with your documents.            

Types of articles and payment:

We wish to pay through PayPal and checks will be only delivered to US residents only. We are searching for some who can write articles, Blog, short and long successful and failures stories, ebooks, website content etc.and all submissions must have proper screenshots.Payment depends upon the quality of the submission, length, and efficiency of the topics.Following are the values for words.

  1. Almost 250 words: $15.
  2. Almost 400 words: $20
  3. Almost 600 words: $30.
  4. Maximum length is 800 words for $35    

Simplicity Is the Key:         

All the contents written by you should be in simple language so that the readers can understand.Our main aim is to let the readers understand and get influenced.If readers can understand the purpose of writing then our purpose of hard work will be achieved.

Writer's Qualification:          

Writers must have good command in the English language.Anyone who is an employee, College graduate, Housewives, or a freelancer can be the part of our team.Age is not an issue just you should have knowledge of how to write.                      


Please, note that verification will be done two times.If you are writing for us, then our team will verify it only once and if you are writing for our clients then verification will be done by both the end that is by our team and then by clients.