Hospital Management System


Bring Your Hospital to digital eco System



About our Products 

  • OPD maintenance
  • IPD maintenance
  • Digital Medical record maintenance
  • Bill section
  • Laboratory module
  • Accounts section
  • All types of register maintenance (OPD, IPD, Bill, Lab, Patient, MLC)
  • Obtaining all types of reports in the required format (Department wise, Service-wise, doctor wise, date wise, income, expenditure, transfer, Lab)
  • User setting section (Tailored work)


What we will give you

  •  Hospital Management System
  • A brand new website with this feature
  •  Server
  •  Self-manage website
  •  Social media connect
  •  Admin panel to manage website
  •  Patient inquiry
  •  Complete overviews presentation of hospital
  •  Video upload feature
  •  Unlimited pages
  •  Mobile friendly
  •  Extra marketing support
  •  One month local Facebook campaign