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How to attend the exam for aadhar agent?

How to attend the exam for aadhar agent?

 Aadhaar Ecosystem 

 Training, Testing, and Certification. 



The Mandate of Uidai is providing a unique aadhaar number for all Indian residents. For diverse and collaborative efforts to succeed in building residents' databases, Aadhaar registration uniformity and the update process in all registrant ecosystems are very necessary. The achievement of uniformity requires the registration staff involved in Aadhaar registration or the update process at the field level is trained thoroughly to achieve registration work. To overcome this need, Uidai has developed a comprehensive training methodology and training content for all stakeholders.


Uidai also believes that in addition to training there must be a mechanism to assess a person's skills and proficiency to work as a registration staff before the registration staff begins to register or update aadhaar. Considering this, uidai has prescribed mandatory testing & certification for registration personnel to ensure compliance with quality aspects. Currently, certification is available for the following roles:

  • Enrolment Supervisor / Operator
  • Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator


Training Delivery


Training for registration staff is provided mainly by Aadhaar registration instructions and agents to ensure the quality of registration and make them know all the processes involved in the ECO registration system. The Regional Office (ROS) of Uidai also provides needs-based training through various programs such as class training, master trainer training / TOT, and orientation/refreshing of EA staff.


Mega Training Camps were also carried out by Ros to make a large pool of registration staff. The main objective of the training is to make registration staff understand how to manage and manage the registration center, use various devices needed for registration, familiarize the audience with Aadhaar registration clients, and how to handle extraordinary cases through these programs. Training content for independent learning is available on the Uidai website for registration staff and other stakeholders.


Master Trainer’s Training/TOT.


The Master Trainer Training Program or TOT (Training of trainers) program is intended to train Master Trainers, who can then train other people in their respective domains. Registrants and registration agents can nominate the "Master Trainer" of each department/organization or use special training agent facilities from time to time to gather the knowledge related to any changes in the Aadhaar registration ecosystem. Ros can also identify the main trainers from the Institute of Advance and their own resources such as SSAS, PSAS, and ADG apart from the main coaches nominated.


To ensure that advanced trainers in local languages and realize field learning at the local level, regional offices have been given the responsibility of bearing the program in each state & UTS. The duration of these programs is set at 1-2 days because all identified resources have basic knowledge of the process and system of Aadhaar.


The pool of Master Trainers trained at TOTS will be available with ROS / Panegal agents/registration/government. Departments to train other stakeholders in their respective departments/organizations offer the benefits of scale and size.


Orientation/Refresher program of Enrolment Agency Staff. 


The orientation/refreshment training program is intended only for active registration agent staff, namely supervisors or operator operators or child registration involved in the registration process. Because these programs are intended for target groups that have a reasonable foundation, the duration of the program is repaired as 1 day. These programs are being carried out in classroom mode and can be done once in each quarter by each regional office.


These programs are carried out in ROS places or other places such as state training institutions etc. The main trainers act as speakers to provide refresher training and content related to this prepared by the registration/update reform. . To access participants' learning, these programs can include test sessions at the end of the program.


Mega Training and Certification Program. 


These programs are carried out in places where requests for a large collection of registration supervisors/operators/operators CELC are needed. The training session can be made by the main trainers available with regional offices using training content available on the Uidai website followed by the certification process through testing and certification institutions involved by Uidai.


Testing and Certification of Enrolment Staff. 


Uidai has appointed Nseit Ltd. as a Test Agency and Certification (TCA) to conduct online tests to assess the ability of individuals to register new and update existing information in accordance with the standards specified by Uidai.


Uidai has provided a comprehensive learning guide on "Aadhaar Enrollment and Update" to understand important aspects of Aadhaar registration and updates and provide training / orienting to registration staff. A separate learning guide especially on "Aadhaar updates", "Child Registration Client", "roles and responsibilities of verification and introduction" is also available for certain training needs.


For candidates who are interested in obtaining certification as registration / supervisor operators or CELC operators, student guidelines, bank questions in various languages , and test structures are also provided for independent learning and preparing an online certification exam done by the Testing Agency and Certification.


Post-preparation, candidates can visit the Nseit Portal (https://uidai.neitexams.com/uidai/loginaction.ction.) To get the details of the registration process, the wise test center of the city, the date available for inspection examination, and other important details. RS test costs. 470. 82 (including GST) and Retest Fee RS. 235.41 (including GST) must be paid using the online payment facility provided at the Nseit Portal Ltd after a successful registration. There will be no additional transaction fees to use online payment facilities. Registration / Registrar agents can contact the Training and Testing Division of UIDAI H.Q. For bulk online payments, mass online registration and mass online scheduling from their candidates.

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