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How to link mobile number with voter id Card easily

HOW TO LINK MOBILE NUMBER WITH VOTER ID | मोबाइल कोई वोटर कार्ड से कैसे लिंक करें |  easy tips to link mobile with voter

Do you know how to link mobile number  with voter ID card? If you are 18+ and you have a voter Id card but without linked with mobile number. You must know how to link mobile number with voter Id. This will help you to navigate ' Electors verification program.'



Benefits of linking voter id card with mobile number

 Unlike Aadhar card, it is necessary to link your voter id with your mobile number. Along with mobile number, email is also important to be registered with voter id. Like we all know voter id card is probably used in many of the official works and so central government have made it  mandatory for all the citizens of country to link mobile number with voter id card.

The process of Aadhaar-voter ID card linking is also referred as EPIC (Electoral Photo Identification Card)-Aadhaar Linking. This exercise to link Aadhaar card to voter id will help to link Mobile No and Email of a voter with Voter id. In future, we can give vote by showing mobile id proof  that government has issued e-EPIC card i.e.also known as digital voter id card.




To make corrections in the details of your voter id card you should follow the steps:


Step 1- Open official website of the NVSP or click https://www.nvsp.in/

Step 2- Then you need to click the 'log in or register'

Step 3- If you have already registered with the site, log in with your ID and password

             and if you have not registered, you must need to register first 

Step 4- Then you need to select the option 'correction of entries' 

Step 5- Form 8 will appear on the screen. Fill the details in the form

Step 6-Submit the application form by clicking 'submit'



 Government of India has now made easier and comfortable correction and verification of  identity documents of country, that is,by online method. You should know that linking mobile number can make easier online navigation to 'Electors verification program' 

 So, here are the steps to link mobile number with voter id card:

     Step 1- Visit 'National Voters' service Portal' or go to https://www.nvsp.in/

     Step 2- Now, you have to register yourself in the website. So, log in and click 'Don't have account, register as a new user.'

      Step 3- Now, under 'Mobile no.' enter your needed  mobile number.

      Step 4- Now,  Enter captcha for verification.

      Step 5-  Now, click to 'send OTP'. OTP will be sent on your same mobile no. you have provided.

      Step 6- Enter OTP as asked and proceed

      Step 7- Now, click on ' I have EPIC number and enter 'EPIC number ' as asked.

      Step 8- To receive updates, enter your email id.

      Step 9- Now, enter a password of your choice and confirm for login in future.

      Note:- Your password should be strong i.e.

  • It must contain at least 6 characters

  • It must have at least one digit from 0-9

  • It must contain one special character

  • It must have at least one uppercase from A-Z

 Step 10- After providing all details, click on 'Register' to link mobile number with voter id card.

You can also update and edit your details anytime online as you are now registered user of ' National voters' service Portal (NVSP). Voters who have provided their mobile numbers previously can also download the E-EPIC.



E-EPIC is a secured PDF version of electors photo identity card. e-EPIC is equally valid as a proof of your identity document for voter id. In this e- document, the people will have a secured QR code with their photographs and demographics such as  serial number, ECI no.etc. 

The digital voter ID card can be downloaded on mobile easily. voter can store this card in their mobile phones and can also upload it as PDF on Digi locker or can also print it.This  e-voter ID card can be downloaded from voter portal website. The pdf file size of the digital voter ID card is upto 250 KB.This digital voter card can be downloaded and printed and shown as a proof of Identity at your polling station. You can also use Form-6 Reference number to download e-EPIC. You can also download e-EPIC using voter helpline mobile Android app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eci.citizen and

ios   https://apps.apple.com/in/app/voter-helpline/id1456535004 



Eligibility for Digital voter id card

All the  new electors who have registered themselves during 2021 and have a unique mobile number in the enrollment can have digital voter id and all the general voters can also apply for digital voter id.

You can  download e-EPIC from https://www.nvsp.in/

Step 1- Register/Login on NVSP.

Step 2- Enter 'EPIC Number'or Form Reference Number.

Step 3- Verify the OTP sent on the registered mobile number.

Step 4-Click on 'Download e-EPIC.'

If your mobile number is not Enrolled, you have to click on e- KYC to complete KYC.



e-KYC  is live checking strategy with random body movements which  involves capturing a live photo of a  person in real-time image captured and compared with Picture used in EPIC data. It only requires mobile phone/Tab with Camera or Laptop/Desktop with webcam to do KYC.

To register for e-EPIC if you have not enrolled mobile number you should:

 Step 1- First of all visit an official site of NVSP.

 Step 2- click on Download e-EPIC and Login to it.

 Step 3- go to download e-Epic Voter id Card.

 Step 4- Now, register your Voter id Number or Reference  Number.

 Step 5- Go to Update KYC. 

 Step 6- You have to pass Face liveness Verification.

 Step 7- Then register your Mobile Number and complete the process of KYC.

Each member can do e-KYC against a single mobile number and after e-KYC you can download e-EPIC. In case e-KYC fails visit ERO office along with your Photo ID proof and update your mobile number there.

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