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How to open adhar enrollment center in 2022

आधार एनरोलमेंट सेंटर कैसे खोले 2021 में |  How to open adhar enrollment center 

In the following article, we are going to briefly discuss the registration agents, their activities, and all kinds of crucial information needed to open an Aadhar enrollment center.

Registration एजेंट


Registration agent is an entity hired by registrants for population registration as long as demographic and biometric data is collected in accordance with the UIDAI registration process. 


  • The registration agent must ensure the rewards continue with UIDAI in order to be involved by registrants. 
  • The registration agency is an agent employed by registrants based on contracts subject to organizational profile verification, technical and financial evaluations.
  • Registration agents provide operators and supervisors for registration stations in the field and also create the conditions needed for optimal population registration.
  • The registration agent must notify the population and UIDAI, from the registration schedule in advance.
  • Registration agent will be returned by UIDAI and paid by the registrant for a successful generation  AADHAR
  • Registration agents will set the Registration Center for Population Registration and Data Correction or Update. 
  • EA OR Enrollment Agency will only use the software provided by UIDAI for the purpose of registration.                                                                                                                                                            Registration software must also have the provisions of capturing audit data as part of the registration package on each registration/update for the traceability of client registration, operator, supervisor, registration agent, registrar, and other information.
  • Equipment such as computers, printers, biometric devices, and other accessories must be appropriate specifications specified by UIDAI from time to time.
  • The biometric device used for registration must meet the specifications specified by the authority and be certified according to the process specified by UIDAI.
  • The registration operator must collect a physical/electronic copy of supporting documents or turn it into an electronic format according to the process specified by UIDAI. 
  • The registration agency will be responsible for the implementation and audit of field levels.                                                                                                                    The registration agency will allow the authority to have reasonable access to the place occupied by it or by others in its name and also expanding reasonable facilities to check for each book, notes, documents, and computer data in ownership of registration agents or other people on their behalf And also provides copies of documents or other materials, in the opinion of the relevant authority for audit purposes.
  • Registration agent must always comply with the Registration of the Code of Ethics Registration
  • The registration agency will comply with various processes, policies and guidelines, checklists, forms, and templates issued by the authority from time to time. 


पंजीकरण एजेंट activities


  • Procurement of devices and other requirements according to the checklist to set up the registration center. 
  • Register the operator / supervisor and register and activate it at UIDAI
  • Get the First Operator to Register by the official EA Operator. 
  • Send data packages and user management sheets for this operator to CIDR. 
  • Thank UID and continue for this operator to start registering other people.
  • Get other operators/supervisors and technical administrators and, if so, introduce also, registered by the first operator. 
  • Send data packages and their user management files to CIDR
  • Their list for certification exams by TCA. 
  • Certified and registered personnel in CIDR can continue and register other identifiers, residents. 


स्थानक registration


  • Get Registrar Code, EA Code from UIDAI. 
  • Get the latest Aadhaar software and install, list, and configure the client's laptop. 
  • Complete the user settings. 
  • Loading and testing pre-registration data. 

It takes up to 90 days for the Aadhaar generation of the registration date. It is possible that your aadhaar has been produced but you have not received an Aadhaar letter by post. In this case, it is recommended to check your Aadhaar status, by clicking "Check Aadhaar Status" or https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar or by visiting the permanent aadhaar registration nearby Generasi Center.


AADHAR Involving various quality checks so that there is a possibility that your Aadhaar is rejected because of the quality or other technical reasons. So, if you have received an SMS that your Aadhaar has been rejected, it is recommended to register yourself.


You must personally visit the Aadhaar registration center to get yourself registered because your biometric will be captured. You can register for Aadhaar even if there is or all fingers/slices are lost. Aadhaar software has provisions to handle such exceptions.gov.in website or https://resident.uidai.gov.in/lost-uideid. Select the eid / UID you want to take and then enter your name and cell phone number (accordingly registered during Aadhaar registration). You will receive your IDUL Fitri / Aadhaar number sent on your mobile email/number. 


If your cellphone number is not registered in Aadhaar, you must visit the nearest permanent aadhaar enrollment. Letter by clicking "Download Aadhaar'' under the Aadhaar registration section on the website Uidai.gov.You can get your details corrected in 96 hours from your registration. The 96 hours window starts from the timestamp mentioned on your registration slip / Slip recognition.

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