If you are a VLE/retailer or you do the work of pan apply, then the format in which you have to upload the documents for pan card apply takes a lot of time to make using photoshop/paint. Whether you apply through UTI or through NSDL, these online tools will help you a lot.   Through VLE PAN CROPPER, you can download unloadable documents in less than 1 minute working time. Let's see how it works :-  


  • Step : 1 - Go to website http://pandocscropper.vleseva.com/
  • Step : 2 - Scan your Documents in 200 DPI (1st page / 2nd page / adhar etc)
  • Step : 3 - Upload 1st page + 2nd page +  adhar/ID etc. 
  • Step : 4 - Crop Photo area click on Next
  • Step : 5 - Crop Signature area click on select crop and Download.
  • Step : 6 - Extract downloaded document and upload on PSA portal.

You Have Done Completely 

Visit Website : VLE PAN CROPPER